About Us

Our Mission

Our love for doing what we do has come from helping people to serve delicious coffee and to realise their dreams of starting their own business and opening up a coffee shop. Our mission is to improve the quality of coffee being served and to make speciality coffee available to anyone who enjoys a delicious cup of coffee.

We do this by sourcing the finest coffee beans that we can find from all over the world, teach people with passion during the meeting and exhibitions

We always make and choose the best coffee beans for you.

We are passionate about roasting speciality high quality coffee beans and enjoy sourcing delicious coffees. Since 2008, we have been supplying coffee people who look for outstanding quality at a competitive price. We work hard to source the finest coffee beans and then develop and roast these coffees for the EU & Asia market with care and love. We are not coffee snobs and feel that coffee is for everyone. Our customer range is very interesting, ranging from mobile coffee vans to slightly larger coffee shop chains.

World Class Coffee Beans

Poseidon Coffee Bean has been named and selected just like its arabica and robusta beans, premium selection, quality control, perfect roasted and choose to delights your life.

Arabica & Robusta

Coffee beans come from coffee cherries, the fruits of the coffee trees which are bright red when ripe. Arabica and Robusta cherries are smaller, more uniformly sized, and have only one bean per cherry. Liberica cherries on the other hand, are the largest amongst the coffee varieties with harder skins, can vary in size, and have one to three beans.

Perfectly Roasted

Our coffee bean is well blend and perfectly roasted.

What Clients Say

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